Thursday, 2 August 2012

little teaser

Well after another failed delivery ...come on, I need the camera the arrive now. Boring not being able to take shots of things properly....

Managed to wangle my first commission today - rush job for Tues  *runs around like chicken with its head cut off*. Just a little design for a card. Should be super sweet. Got the first cut done and have to show them the proofs before taking it any further. I think I've managed to get the essence of the idea.

pallet knife, lino cut, ink

And the colour is just a test - scarlet & burnt sienna mixed - produces a beautiful red with loads of depth. Came out really well on cream. But I think this design really needs a deep green; but that is only my suggestion. We'll see what the commission-er has in mind. (*not yellow, fingers crossed, not yellow*)

Meeting another maker tomorrow for coffee - v lovely. And it's my first Fringe show tomorrow night. August month of madness in Edinburgh. Alive & wonderful, particularly if you live in an area where you can escape the crowds!