Tuesday, 28 August 2012

seagull landing

seagull, gull, card, lino print, hand press print

This is my new character. I think he's quite dashing. Or maybe menacing ... think it depends on how you view seagulls.  He's designed as a card - but there will be prints too. Think I might have to play with the yellow to get it toned down just a smidge. The camera really shows the brightness.

cherry trees, lino print, lino cards, set of cards, hand press print, trees

Oh the camera, it is just Point & Shoot but it's so nice to have something that works and to see much, much crisper images. So whilst there was a smidgin of light left this afternoon I managed to take a few "lifestyle" images. A bit tricky with cards and prints sometimes... variety was an issue for me - once I'd found a set-up I liked I got a bit ... stuck. Think it might be easier with fabrics and things you use, like pottery, but even so it was lovely to get a little bit of variety to the images - rather than just them hung by their tiny wooden pegs. 

wrapped around my finger ring, lino print, card, valentines, love