Friday, 14 September 2012

An inside view of "the studio"

hand press print, studio, lino print, ink

Questions often asked anyone who creates things/art is where and how. I'm really lucky I have a workshop (all friends who get put-up on a crappy air-bed would really like me to have a spare room - but 'the art' wins).

The work surface is, as it looks, the off cut from a kitchen worktop. I kept this worktop for 5 years before being able to use it. This is a demonstration that some things really are useful and can be stored until you need them. Bit of a big item to lug around, but got there in the end.
The legs are extending Ikea legs - pushed up to their max so that you can stand and work - very easy on the back and arms. But then I'm short so it works for me.
Underneath is stored, paper, packing materials and lots of other stuff thats too boring to even mention.

The cards and prints (note the new colours for Arthur's Seat) are hung on string to allow them plenty of space to dry.  Desperately need to put up more string.

The grey area down to the bottom left is a card portfolio holding the lovely A1 paper ready to be torn into lovely print sized pieces. (Often use the kitchen table to rip it up... once I get the crumbs off.)

But from left to right on the top we have:
The lovely, sharp lino tools in their own wee stand so I don't blunt them accidentally; and can see which ones I need next.
A jig that I cut the lino on (usually on my computer table) - keeps the fingers safe.
The basket is holding the blank cards ready to print.
The wooden stand has perspex tablets on the right to roll the ink out - and it, itself, hold all the ink and ink supplies: pallet knives, rollers, ink stamps. The ink is all labelled so that when I mix them I can write down what was mixed really quickly. I've got a wee note book where I keep all the ink samples. Never know when  it might be useful - and if things sell quickly then I might only have a 'photo as a colour sample.

Then there's scrap paper for when the image over-prints the edge of the card and I need to keep it clean. A cutting board for cutting up pieces of lino.
A spray bottle - this is great for cleaning up small patches of ink on the worktop. Also good for cleaning my hands without having to get them too wet. I only use water-based ink. Much easier clean up.

The black lamps are a vestige from making jewellery. Natural light lamps (that kind of buzz and one has to be held open with a ruler) - but they are great at showing colour well even when it's waaay past bedtime.

The blue box (far right) holds: barens, pencils, scissors, cotton buds etc - stuff that shouldn't get inky!

And the stack of newspaper is where the lino gets all inked-up.

Oposite the workbench is the computer, filing *cough* system, and packing area/huge cupboard that holds all the other craft stuff and frames and stock.

So - a whistle stop tour of the studio. There's also a comfy chair and a dog - for dog see below!
dog, moroccan pouffe