Tuesday, 6 November 2012

More Christmas shopping & some other exhibitions

In typical style I was asked to fill as last minute place at a great fair that I'd been desperate to get into: The Market. I'll be there on the 17th of November.

Both are lovely local events that allow the good people of Edinburgh (and beyond) to come and support their local craftspeople and artists by buying creative, unique christmas presents that will be treasured. 

In between all of this (and a 2.5h meeting at 'other work') I slipped into Dovecote Studios, not only to have the best coffee in town at Stag Espresso, but to see their incredible new exhibition Nuno Japanese Textiles (mesmerising). I then had a few minutes before having to hot foot it to 'other work' and decided to spend them in The National Museum of Scotland - it was the first time I'd revisited since the main halls had been reopened. And WOW - just wow. Needless to say time was too short but I managed to take a few photos at each and my brain is now busy forming new print designs from such an incredible visual feast. 

brain coral, chronophage clock national museum of scotland
nuno japanese textiles, dovecote studios

R - Chronophage clock
C - Example of incredible fabric with feather woven between the sheer layers
L - Brain coral - just an incredible pattern