Tuesday, 8 January 2013

2013 - more prints, more love & an apron

The image is my new inking apron. I had specifically requested an artist's apron for Christmas and Santa obliged. It's a tough linen/sacking/cotton thing. All I requested was that it wasn't waterproof as I need to wipe my hands and painting knives. It's perfect. There was a suggestion that I take monthly images of the apron as the paint builds up. So this is image one. The clean slate. Lets see how the patina of paint builds up. Should be something quite uncontrolled and quite lovely.

And after a slightly stressful Christmas/new year due to dog illness and my own bad back today really felt like it was the 'real' start of 2013.

With that in mind many new prints have been added to Etsy 
And Folksy has been updated too.
A new Valentines section - still to be added to - has been started & there's one set of Christmas Cards for sale on each page. Pack of 5 for £5 - what a deal, for all those who like to plan ahead.

Happy New Year everyone. Lets make 2013 the year of handmade, local, beautiful

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