Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Inspiration from others

Today I've been looking at other people's work. It's been the first time I participated in the twitter #TALKT - which is Take a Look Tuesday when creative types make the effort to ReTweet, Follow, Like and generally explore the lovely handmade things that are made by others. It's a great chance to see new work - and to put out a shout for your own.

But apart from online. I've been taking in a little culture in the real world too.

I was completely taken by the work of Lee Borthwick whose beguiling work in wood and mirror can be seen below. The natural wood and the super polished mirror sections jar in texture and it just works so beautifully. The second image shows cut twigs all with their ends mirrored. If only I had a fair few thousand to 'spare' it would be mine all mine.

lee borthwick, wood, mirror, modern art, dewar art award, edinburgh botanics
lee borthwick, wood, mirror, modern art, dewar art award, edinburgh botanics

At first I didn't see the the incredible power of Jonathan Boyd's jewellery. It takes a second or third glance. But when you see what he's done the cleverness - and creativity is amazing.

The image shows his piece about being distracted whilst reading. The letters that would have made the typeface on the page have been used to make the brooch cubes. Stunning.
                             jonathan boyd, jewellery, Dewar art award, Edinburgh Botanic gardens
And finally - after many, many years I have finally framed a quick sketch my mum did when she was 15. She'd kept her art portfolio and this piece just struck me as soon as I saw it. It's not a piece that blows me away with skill or realism - but the colour (I can only imagine what was left in the art rooms that day at school) and how quick and vibrant it is - as well as how '50s it looks just makes me smile. A lovely new addition to the studio.

                        duck, drawing, framed, my mum
Tomorrow I get to begin my birthday celebrations thanks to a friend taking me for lunch. And I might even get some more lino work done. So many new designs to work on - can't wait.

ps If you go and buy prints from Etsy or Folksy - you'll find Valentines cards for sale too ... so treat yourself, or tell someone you think they're smashing ... either way you'll be supporting handmade. Thank you.