Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The lino print process

Over christmas I've been thinking about (and working on) a design for a childhood themed piece. It's based on the idea of having long school socks pushed down ... during that time as a kid in primary school where long socks are 'not cool' - but you don't have short-socks yet. 

As I've been working on this design for a while I decided to do a whole post on the stages involved in lino printing. 
lino print drawing plan
1.Almost finished drawing, sharpie  on cartridge 
lino print drawing and tracing
2. short-sockless sketch finished and tracing with additional detail (ie buckles!)
lino and tracing paper with tracing showing
3.  lino with white wash and tracing almost complete
lino tracing and lino penned
4. Tracing finished and marked out with biro to make it clearer
lino carving and lino tools
5. I started carving the lino with the fine details first - when I have most focus
lino carving with some details done
6. All the fine detail carved away - now onto the larger sections
linocut completely cut out still with whitewash
7. All the larger and small lino sections carved away, ready to have the white wash washed off                   
inked linocut lino print
8. Fully carved lino now inked-up and ready to print - black and sienna water-based ink mixed for depth
draft lino print on scrap paper
9. The draft print, printed on scrap paper - some small changes are made at this point, just tweaks really
three linocut lino prints drying
10. Three finished prints hanging to dry - white cartridge paper and hot pressed cream paper both used

linoprint, lino cut, short-sockless print finished image
Short-Sockless - finished print