Sunday, 10 February 2013

Introspective inspiration

I spend a lot of time looking at exhibitions - and after a very little inspiration from online - I decided to make a little exhibition of my own. The delights of eBay provided a printers tray - which seems so wonderfully appropriate. And it came with a full explanation of how it was used and where all the letters were stored.

So now I can find inspiration from all the small things that have been living in drawers, boxes, tucked away for years. Small pieces of family history. And plenty of space to expand the collection. Sometimes it's just as important to find inspiration from our own stories, as it is to be inspired by the historical and modern creations that are museum-worthy.

printers tray, fairy lights, curios, personal history
Printers Tray, full of personal curios - from my great, great grandmother's glasses, via my grandfather's brass shell-casing made into a scent bottle, to a new mini cottage from the Glenshee Pottery!

vintage glasses, curios, printers tray
Glasses, cottage, pebble from Coll, collection of pendants on a handmade chain

curios, printers tray
Badge from Edinburgh Fringe Festival 1995 (when I was a stage manager), vintage green glass  bottle, great grandmother's watch face, shell from Orkney

printers tray, vintage parrot hat pin
Vintage hat pin of a small feather parrot - green like the Peckham parrots   - given it whilst shopping for wooden printers blocks (in Peckham)