Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Creative Curse

Genuinely too many ideas. Editing the ideas and then getting to work on them in a focused way.

Sounds like a strange curse. What could be better than ideas?
Currently I'm working towards a "collection" of images (maybe a few collections... Arthur's Seat and the Radical Road are a taster) - but I want to work on about 15 different things at once.  I have to keep editing. Prioritising. Deciding. And all of this takes time ... 

The infinite inspiration I find in Edinburgh and the wonderful world surrounding it provide me with some of these ideas. And it's amazing to have access to so much.

From the incredible and varied collections at the National Museum of Scotland to wandering up North Berwick Law (all part of my birthday celebrations a few weeks ago). 

Japanese woodcut images from National Museum of Scotland - winter weather
Ideas that show we've been battling the winter weather world wide  - and making art from it - for centuries.
Small silver prehistoric fish - looks like tiny pirhana
Ideas that take the tiny, shiny moments of prehistoric creatures and see them as prints.
View through the old coven house on North Berwick Law across the Forth
Ideas formed from views that blend modern and historic. 
Whale jaw bone on North Berwick Law, the Forth behind
Ideas based on what other humans have strived to achieve

                         Lino cutting tool surrounded by lino shavings

And what is left? Drawing, cutting, printing and preserving these ideas. More new work coming soon - but it's been a few weeks of gathering more material, distilling ideas, and planning ... this weekend - new work, definitely new work!

I have however finally managed to get Short-Sockless mounted and sent to the fantastic Eight by Eight project. This is a great way to get creative for charity and support Children with, and recovering from brain tumours.

Huge thanks too to all those following me on twitter, the comments, and support are much appreciated.