Sunday, 12 May 2013

Virtual & Real

Not only am I busy printing up a storm - getting a large amount of stock ready for a *new supplier* ... can't say too much yet, but very excited to be supplying them, I only wish they weren't so far away as I would love to visit their new gallery in the 'real world. Full details will follow!

But, I was also featured as one of the makers 'month in the life' on the blog of talented Surface Pattern designer Sam Osborne. 

screen shot of Month in the Life blogpost about Hand Press Print

The virtual world has been kind this month:

There have been so many positive comments through Twitter  I want to say a huge 'thank you'. Sometimes being a self employed designer-maker can be incredibly doubt-inducing. It's easy to question your own work, the value of your designs, and (on bad days) if you have the talent to continue. But the last few weeks have really spurred me on - the positive comments and feedback really do matter to all makers. If you like someone's work - let them know. 

The likes on Facebook do matter - the following on Twitter - the views on Flickr or Pinterest and even the browsing of inspiration shots on Instagram can all make those of us pottering around our studio spaces, covered in ink, or surrounded by paper - feel like we're connected to the people we make for. 

And we get to connect to each-other, to be inspired, to form real-world relationships, to develop ways of working, and to share the good (and occasionally the bad) times with people who understand the ups, downs, and sideways shifts that are a constant of self-employed life. 

Now I really have to get back to the printing... as sharing in this virtual world is a good thing, unless it's being used a 'useful' distraction from the hard work in the real-world. ;-)