hand press print, SAMSeven years as an independent jewellery designer-maker, a degree in Art History specialising in architecture, and an interior design background have all come together to make ::hand press print::

Being inspired by my surroundings, and loving the design (and commission) process, as well as the experience of running a small business successfully enables me to take my doodles, ideas and drawings and to make them into something easy to give as a gift, or keep as a print. 

Seeing the world as a series of images to be framed, or deconstructed, simple lines and a fascination with light are all part of what goes into the design of each piece from ::hand press print::

Many years living in rural Scotland enabled access to some of the world's most beautiful mountains, forests and beaches. It is this wonderful backdrop that helps me to carefully consider all commissions providing designs that reflect the personal wishes of each client.
I am now lucky enough to currently live in one of the world's most stunning cities, Edinburgh, its architecture, winding streets, and incredible green spaces keep my mind full of new ideas.
I would also like to be better at Scrabble.